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TOURS – Transfers Playa del Carmen


Mexico is an exciting country and we promise you that you would not get bored. Whether you are having a relaxing day on the beach in the Caribbean or following the Mayan route – you’ll find everything you need here.

We also have a number of interesting suggestions for tours for you, that you can reach without any problem.

It is so easy to reserve the following tours with us and as soon as you arrive start to enjoy your trip.

You are interested in climbing the tallest pyramid in Yucatan, it is 42 meters high and you will have one of the best views in your life. Just the jungle and you. Feeling how 50,000 people used to live there. To get to the Pyramid Nohoch Mul you will have to go through the jungle paths and impress yourself with the Mayan ball game court, the observatory, within other Mayan  buildings. It is a pleasure just to walk or take a bike ride and feel the peaceful environment, where this community developed.

After the ancient world visit, we will have for you a delicious Mayan buffet, with handmade corn tortillas, pork pibil, fajitas, pasta salad, rice, beans and of course we also have a vegetarian option with Mexican quesadillas. Only real traditional local food. All of this on the shore of Coba´s lagoon.

It is time to visit a subterranean cenote in a cave, totally different from the open ones. To swim in crystal clear waters with stalactites and stalagmites, it’s just magnificent to discover a complete different environment, the humid air, the silence, the echo…. it’s unbelievable,

Time to go back to Playa and there’s still time to visit a Mayan town. You will visit a honey cooperative from the stingless Melipona bee, there will be a handicraft shop and you can have the feeling of a small Mayan town with kids running around.

Finally, we arrive to PDC. At the end of the day you can take a shower, rest and go for a nice dinner in the fifth avenue.

Thursdays  :        7:30 – 19:30

Adults  :        110 USD

Children  11 yrs. or less  :        98 USD

Wonder of the world. It has to be in your list.

To make the best of the day we pick you up early, during the trip you can relax and start to transport yourself to another era. When you open your eyes and see the majestous pyramid, imagine the Mayas living there and just breathe it is a mystical moment. Even though it is not open for climbing you will know why is a wonder of the world.

It will start to get hot and the refreshing Zaci cenote in Valladolid is waiting to cool you down. It is a magnificent semi open cenote, as you go downstairs you will just want to jump to it and observe the stalagmites. Enjoy after the mid-day heat the refreshing cold water feeling.

I guess at this point you are hungry and ready to try a traditional delicious buffet. We do not go to a restaurant but we visit a Mexican food market in Valladolid, which is known for their kitchen.

Before we start our way back, you will love to visit Valladolid, a colonial town with a church build with pyramid stones, the main square with flying birds returning to the trees and the slow feeling province mood.

Oh what a day! Time to go back home and you will happy you do not have to drive.

Wednesday and Friday  :        7:30 – 19:30

Adults  :        124 USD

Children 11 yrs. or less  :        108 USD

Break of culture; just water is in this tour.

You always wanted to swim with the fishes in an aquarium; well this is your opportunity. Wear your mask and your fins you will see colorful fishes in calm water. Swim and discover in every corner, in every rock hiding fish.

Time to discover an underground cenote for snorkeling or just swimming. If you want the adventure you can snorkel through the cavern and your guide’s light will reflect and shine through the water making an astonishing sight. You will observe the stunning stalagmites and stalactites that give a unique atmosphere.

Time for lunch at the Akumal Bay beach. Its just paradise. Sun, sea, beach, buffet, showers, hammocks. Dream, relax and enjoy!

Are you ready?

Turtles are waiting for you. Mask, fins and your guide will discover where the turtles are feeding. You did it. You could swim with the turtles and admire their peace to move it is like a timeless experience. Keep looking on your sides; you might see a barracuda or a stingray will also swim along.

What a fish, turtle day.

Time to go back and sleep until we arrive to Playa.

Wednesday  :        7:30 – 16:30

Adults  :        112 USD

I bet you have seen the unique Tulum photo once is your life. It is amazing to see the pyramid on the cliff and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. How they could live here or why do not I live here? The sea wind gives you the salty smell, you will feel free. You will learn that the Mayas already had a lighthouse to show the way to enter through the coral reef without damaging their boats. Impress right?

The crystal refreshing water from the cenote is waiting for you. It’s magical. The vivid colors, the vegetation, the birds, the fishes. The different formations in the limestone are impressive. Try to figure out how the water has done it, is a nature work art.

You are done with the beautifulness of the place. We can head up to one of the best beaches in the world, where you are going to enjoy a delicious lunch, afterwards you can hang out in this superb beach, swim in the intense turquoise blue waters and remember you are on holidays. Breathe and have a peaceful moment.

Time flies fast in the good life and now we are heading to Playa. Before we arrive we have a surprise for you a precious cenote. The crystal blue water will make you remember you remember the first cenote, they are so similar and so different at the same time. In this one you can jump from the cliff, Adventure is calling! Let the fishes make a natural pedicure and now we are ready to go home.

Tuesday and Saturday  :        7:30 – 17:30 clock

Adults  :        114 USD

Children  11 yrs. or less  :       98 USD